So How Can I Help? 

We’re all living longer but not necessarily better


A word thrown around these days and often in conjunction with wellness – but what is it?

To help… Wellbeing is a word to describe the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. To create balance and peace in one’s self.

So instead of the all or nothing approach or going on a diet, I believe in living your life, healthy and balanced.

Our mind is powerful and is the key to any success. Where the mind goes, energy flows and we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.


My personal belief is that nutrition can play a huge part in our health and wellbeing, whether we’re suffering with a health issue or struggling to lose weight.

The expression ‘you get out what you put in’ could be more true when it comes to our bodies (and minds for that matter).

Helping to  dismantle the confusion and identify the root cause to the underlying symptoms using whole-foods and real lifestyle methods that last, giving you a healthy, happy life of balanced wellbeing.

Although food alone isn’t the answer but I believe it’s a really great place to start, because we have full control and feel happy in ourselves knowing we’re doing all we can to be our best.

No one thing can help, we need to look at the body holistically and address things like stress, sleep, energy, home and work environments amongst others to understand the full picture and what our bodies need.



Healthy living seems to be everywhere we go these days, with new trendy superfood, health bloggers and more and more alternatives to sugar, dairy and wheat alternatives in our supermarkets.

We’re all living longer but not necessarily better. No matter what life stage we’re at our goal should be to live a long and healthy life.

The good news is that there’s a lot we can do ourselves to make this become a reality.

To put it simply we need to eat well, move more which in turn will make us feel great!

Everyone is unique with different needs and different ways to achieve their goals. There is no one solution that fits all.

That’s why my wellbeing methods are created thoughtfully to uncover what the person needs and design a plan that’s specifically for you, that’s not only beneficial and nutritious but enjoyable and easy to sustain too.

Health is a vast and complex topic with some influencing factors to consider. To me, it’s about creating balance and peace to give your body the best possible chance for increased health and wellbeing.




We’ll first discuss a concern you have such as tiredness, stress or weight struggles. Identify when it started, how it impacts your daily life and what has helped or hindered.

Then we’ll talk about your medical, health and diet history. What’s made an impact  and caused any triggers. Whether its digestive, sleep patterns, stress levels, or life events.

We’ll conclude by chatting through your food diary of an average day and general lifestyle, such as hobbies, work and time.


Following our initial consultation, I will then send you a report showing the identified areas of suggested support and how to implement them using diet, exercise and lifestyle.


My aim to assist you along the way to ensure you feel supported to achieve your goals successfully. To do this, it’s important we arrange the second session 4-6 weeks after to review the plan.  To go through any laboratory test results and answer any questions or queries and adapt accordingly to any lifestyle changes and events.


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